A little update and COVID-19

Firstly, I want to thank you all for pushing me to go forward, I needed the kick in the proverbial.

I know it has been quiet around here, except for the Official Set Studio files which I mostly completed last year but published this year there has not been much movement. I also know that a lot of you are waiting for the Police Station to be available for purchase. In the meantime, I made the latest part list available here, with the caveat that it may change as I complete the instructions.

The good news is I am putting time towards that and I hoped to be finished last week Friday, that did not pan out as one of my clients had need of me. But I will be working on it again this week and I will keep everyone updated on my Facebook page.

Now onto to why it has taken this long, as many of you I work, even though I am not employed full or part-time in any capacity, I have a base of faithful clients, some of which do not want to deal with anyone else and I am very grateful for them. These wonderful people all agreed to my conditions to do work for them, you see I suffer from a debilitating condition call CRPS (sometimes referred to as RSD) and they all agreed to have shifting time of delivery according to my capabilities at the time. As for my condition, it appeared in late 2016 and rapidly progressed to a point where I could no longer work full or part-time and is one of the main reasons I returned to LEGO and started to design. In addition to the CRPS, and as a side-effect from it, I lost the use of my right hand and as of today most mobility in my arm, in particular my forearm.

I am not looking for excuses or sympathy, but rather your understanding that I can only do so much in a day, probably a third of most productive people and at least a quarter of my personal productivity prior to 2017.

Now, why is there COVID-19 in the title? Because I had a sudden surge of jobs that only looked like it was slowing down of late, it is amazing on how many people want e-commerce sites all of a sudden even if it is not surprising given the conditions. COVID-19 also had a negative effect on my family and myself, though we did not feel the hard lockdown as bad as most, because we were so busy, the continued lockdown is South Africa is now taking its toll. My wife was in the tourism industry and that is simply dead with all the implications that brought to this family.

I wish I could deliver the Police Station and the few others that I have in the pipeline to you today because it would bring me a sense of joy to know I brought so joy to you, the reality is unfortunately different, but I am doing my best to bring you all of them and that is all I can promise at this point, my best.

I also added some advertising to the site, I do not like it and I am certain that many of you won’t like it either. But I need to derive some money from the site to pay for the hosting, and that is it. This is not about big money and if you look I limited it to one advert on normal pages and 3 adverts on the blog and free sections. I just hope it will be enough to keep the site alive.

I know that I am not the only one suffering in these hard times, and if you are also feeling the pinch I only can wish you the best. I, unfortunately, cannot do more.

As a thank you, I will send everyone on my mailing list a discount code that will be valid for the first 30 sales, all I ask is that you be patient, converting a creation that was never designed with instructions in mind takes time and I want to give you a top-notch instruction set.

So for right now, let me bid you farewell and wish you the best in these hard and strange times.

To steal from Mel Brooks, “May the Schwartz be with you!” for I think we all need some!

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