Building a modular clinic – Part 2 – The Ground Floor

Clinic MOC v2.2
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Since last time on “Building a modular clinic“, I changed a few things. I fixed the revolving door walls and added a sliding door for wheelchairs, I also changed the right side of the building’s design, so the roof flows into the wall, I think it reflects the design language better.

I have also shortened the corner red C-shaped decorative element and balconies by two studs on the right to be able to house the new roof flow down the right of the building. This also forced me to move the bulkhead on the roof by one stud forward; it now aligns with the pillars.

I also added a sign on the top of the ambulance bay, I tried something else but it did not work out.

Lastly, I added air-conditioning units on the roof of the main building.

Laying out the ground floor

Something I learned from Small Brick City and is very useful is to do a layout in 1x something plates first. This will allow you to see the space as it will be. Always remember that a minifig requires at least one stud around its main body to be able to move, that make a 3×3 stud bock at minimum. 4×3 is better as this leaves 1 stud to either sides and 1 stud in front and at the back, this also caters for minifig’s hats, hair and accessories. 

It sounds silly to think and cater for minifig movements, but this type of thinking is practical in the real world, think of a minifig as a person and think of your build as a real building. The challenge becomes different, as any issues become more of what a building architect or engineer faces. Makes you think does it not?

The final design

In the final design, I had to compromise space and function but this is often the case.

So, what changed?

  1. The elevator is smaller, mostly so I have space to create a reasonably sized pharmacy nad use a standard door. In the video on the left, you can also see the elevator cage with 2 hooks and no ceiling.
  2. The coffee bar is 1 stud larger.

Because of the space taken by the elevator, I was very tempted to add another 16×32 base plate on the ambulance bay side of the clinic. I opted to work with the space I have.

Next, I will be tackling the first floor, which will hopefully house emergency room, the toilet/bathroom and a patient ward.

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